KazOil 2019: Economist of LMC International to speak about the global market of vegetable oils




The session "Market of oilseed by-products" will become one of the main segments of the 3rd international conference "KazOil", to be held in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan — Nur-Sultan (Rixos President Astana hotel), on November 5.

The Senior Economist of oils division at the leading independent economic and business consulting company LMC International, Aniel Patti-Dhanjal will make a report within frames of the session.

The report of the young and very promising specialist of one of the leading global agencies will cover the following topic: "Global market of vegetable oils: developing factors. Trends on the markets of countries-producers and importers".

Aniel Patti-Dhanjal is the Economist of oils division at LMC International, he represents the company at various global conferences. Previously, he worked in the US company Cerberus Capital Management LP, which is one of the largest private equity funds in the world.

For almost 40 years, LMC International provides both market intelligence and analysis, as well as consulting services to its clients, who include most of the major companies and organizations around the world, involved with agricultural commodities, foods, industrial materials, biofuels and their end-markets. The company has offices in Oxford, New York, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

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