Ukraine: land market law has nothing to do with the free land market — expert




The adopted law on the land market has nothing to do with the free market, and the current reform is only the first steps towards solution of the land issue, declared the owner and CEO of the agricultural holding Mironivsky Hliboproduct (PJSC MHP), Yuriy Kosyuk.

According to him, the adopted land reform will not change anything in the agricultural market of Ukraine. Y.Kosyuk said that it is his opinion as the person who actively works on the market, and as the citizen of the country, who has lived here for a long time. The reform is a farce, it is not about a free market. The authorities failed to solve the issue. They just made the first steps towards the solution, and it is already good.

In the short term, Ukraine will not receive any bonuses to the country's economy. However, they are possible in the medium- or long-term outlook.

Y.Kosyuk noted that he is ready to buy the plots of agricultural lands that are currently rented by MHP. But in terms that the price will not exceed 1.5-2 thsd USD per ha. If the price is high, the company will continue renting the land. If the price is reasonable, MHP can buy it. So, the modern world conditions are as follows: little money and many directions for investment. Especially if one is active in business, and knows how to develop it. It is highly questionable: where to invest money? And "land" is not the most obvious reply, Y.Kosyuk explained.