Ukraine: average investments totaled no more than 3000 USD/ha




To date, in Ukraine the average investments in 1 ha of agricultural lands do not exceed 3000 USD, because the larger investments in development of agricultural production, including irrigation or organic direction, requires the property right to land, reported the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on economic issues and land reform, Oleksiy Mushak.

According to him, large-scale Ukrainian agricultural holdings will likely reduce the land bank after launching of the land market in the country.

Also, O.Mushak expressed incredulity to the European model of the land market, which is a "dead end" for Ukraine, because in the EU countries the subsidies usually total nearly 400 EUR/ha. The agricultural sector is not a budget revenue generating sector. It is a donor, but not a budget-maker. In addition, the ban on foreigners to purchase agricultural lands is the worldview issue for Ukrainians, but it is a "ban" for investments. The authorities should solve the issue, and apply different models of cooperation, said the Advisor to the Prime Minister.