For the first two years, land reform not to affect the growth of the Ukrainian economy — expert




The land reform in Ukraine will take nearly 7-8 years, and it will begin making any impact on the economic growth of Ukraine by 2022 only, declared the President of UCAB, CEO of IMC, Alex Lissitsa, on February 6.

In fact, the land reform will not end right now… The authorities are opening a new stage, and it will last for seven or eight years at least. Everyone will start buying the land a little, forming their own groups of fields, but it's still a very long-term process, said A.Lissitsa.

In turn, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the investment company Dragon Capital, Tomas Fiala also announced his forecast, according to which opening of the land market in 2020 will increase the economic growth of Ukraine by 0.4% of the GDP, and in 2021 — up 0.7% of the GDP.