Ukraine: starting month of the new soybean season demonstrated the record processing figures — APK-Inform




According to the recent data by APK-Inform analysts, the starting month of the new soybean season in Ukraine demonstrated the record volumes of processing for September — 128.5 thsd tonnes, up 16% compared with the same month last year.

According to APK-Inform forecast, in 2019/20 MY the processing volumes of soybeans in Ukraine will reduce by 15% — to 1.7 mln tonnes, due to decreasing of the yield figures, said the oilseed market analyst, Julia Ivanitskaya.

After the extremely low shipments of soybeans in the beginning of last season, in 2019/20 MY the exports of the oilseed from Ukraine demonstrated the record rates.

According to preliminary estimations, in September 2019 the shipments reached the maximum figures for the reporting month — 277 thsd tonnes, and in October 2019 the volumes formed the absolute monthly maximum — 565 thsd tonnes. The trend developed, due to the high carry-over stocks of soybeans from the previous season and coming of new crop harvest on the market.