In February 2020, China reduced the imports of Kazakh sunflower seed in 4 times — APK-Inform




According to the updated figures of APK-Inform Agency, in February 2020 Kazakhstan decreased the shipments of sunflower seed to China in almost 4 times compared with the previous month, and down almost 13 times compared with the results of December 2019 — to 4 thsd tonnes only.

In January-February period, the export shipments to the country reduced, due to both the seasonal factor (Chinese New Year celebration) and decreasing of the trade activity of Chinese buyers, caused by worsening of the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country.

It should be noted that in February of 2019/20 MY Kazakhstan supplied a little over 20 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed on the global market, down 29% compared with the January figures, which became the minimum monthly shipment volumes in the current season.