Ukrainian agrarians expect for decreasing of crop yields, due to the deficit of soil moisture — UAC




In 2020, in Ukraine the yield figures of certain agricultural crops can decrease by 30%, due to the critically low level of moisture content in the soil, declared the Ukrainian Agrarian Council Public Union (UAC).

According to the announcement, agricultural producers noted the little moisture content in the soil in almost all regions. However, in the southern regions the moisture level is almost critical.

At the same time, the low moisture level negatively affect development of the root system of agricultural crops. In addition, in terms of the moisture deficit grain crops can not give such significant sprouting as previously, which will also affect the yield figures.

The crops which were planted at the early dates, still managed to keep the moisture. However, the crops which will be planted at the later dates — sugar beet, corn — will have problems with sprouting. There is another problem with imposition of mineral fertilizers. For example, ammonium fertilizers, which are usually applied in mid-April, will not work in terms of the absence of moisture content, the UAC explained.

In their opinion, rainy and Sunny weather in the spring could help. However, agrarians forecasted that it will be impossible to reach the expected level of crop yield. Some agricultural producers already calculated that they will get decreasing of the harvest volumes by 20-30% compared with the expected volumes.