Russia planted spring crops throughout 2 mln ha — Ministry of Agriculture




As of March 31, Russian agrarians planted spring crops throughout the areas of 2 mln ha, or 3.9% of the forecast (in 2019 — 1 mln ha), declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

In particular, agrarians planted spring grains throughout 1.4 mln ha, or 4.7% of the forecasted areas (729.4 thsd ha), including spring wheat — 128.9 thsd ha, or 1.1% of the forecast (5.7 thsd ha), spring barley — 752.6 thsd ha, or 9.6% (286.6 thsd ha), corn for grain — 2.3 thsd ha, or 0.1%.

At the same time, in certain regions of the Southern, North Caucasian and Central Federal Districts agrarians planted sunflower seed throughout 129.6 thsd ha, or 1.6% (7.7 thsd ha).

In addition, Bryansk, Kursk and Ryazan oblasts planted spring rapeseed throughout 5.3 thsd ha, or 0.4% (1.1 thsd ha).

Some regions of the Southern, North Caucasian and Central Districts planted sugar beet throughout 187.2 thsd ha, or 17.3% (47.2 thsd ha).

In addition, agrarians applied additional fertilizers to winter grains throughout 11.6 mln ha, or 63.4% of the plan (in 2019 — 7.4 mln ha).