Ukraine: in January 2020, Nika-Tera port increased its cargo turnover




In January 2020, Sea Special Port Nika-Tera LLC (Mykolaiv, part of Group DF) shipped more than 630 thsd tonnes of cargoes, declared the press-service of Group DF, on February 6.

In particular, grains, pulses and oilseeds covered the major share in the general structure of cargo turnover — 458.2 thsd tonnes or 72.6%, oilseed meals — 109.8 thsd tonnes or 17.4%, and bulk cargoes — 63 thsd tonnes or 10%.

According to the announcement, in January the port berths processed 26 vessels.

Improving the performance of cargo operations and increasing of the cargo turnover are the key performance indicators of Nika-Tera. The port started the current year with very good dynamics. The growth rates reached 19.4%, compared with the same month last year. Imposition of new technologies and optimization of loading and unloading processes really have its results, reported the port chief, Alim Agakishiev.