Ukraine increased oats exports in 1.5 times – APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, Ukraine exported nearly 7.7 thsd tonnes of oats in July-December of 2019/20 MY, up 1.5 times compared with the same period year ago (5.2 thsd tonnes). TOP-5 importers of Ukrainian oats included India with the share of 77%, Libya – 5%, Hungary – 4%, Switzerland – 3% and Germany – 2%.

Victoria Rozhko, analyst of APK-Inform, informed that India is the main importer of Ukrainian oats the second year in a row and the country significantly increased the grain purchasing this season. Thus, Ukraine shipped about 6 thsd tonnes of oats to India in the first half of the season, up 2.3 times according the same period last year (2.6 thsd tonnes). According to USDA forecast, India could import 15 thsd tonnes of oats this season (-29% to the result of 2018/19 MY, 21 thsd tonnes), Ukraine has already covered 39% of the given volume compared to 12% year ago.

“Libya, that took the second place, imported 400.8 tonnes of oats from Ukraine in the first half of the 2019/20 MY. The country resumed import of Ukrainian grain in September after long-lasting break since December 2017”, – mentioned the expert.

Moreover, the cumulative import of Ukrainian oats by Hungary, Switzerland and Germany totaled 675.6 tonnes, that made up 73% of the total volume shipped by Ukraine to Europe.

“Ukraine increased oats export due to higher production that reached 427 thsd tonnes this season (+2% to 2018/19 MY, 418 thsd tonnes) and expected decline of mix-feed production to 255 thsd tonnes (-9% to 2018/19 MY, 280 thsd tonnes). Thus, Ukraine could export 9 thsd tonnes of oats (+21% to 2018/19 MY, 7.4 thsd tonnes), but it could turn higher under current export pace”, – added V.Rozhko.