Russian seaports keep on decreasing grain export




According to the weekly monitoring reports by APK-Inform Agency, in the period of January 10-16, 2020, the export volumes of major grains from the Russian sea and river ports totaled 270 thsd tonnes, a decrease of 38% compared with the previous week volumes (434 thsd tonnes, taking into account the updated figures).

In particular, the shipment volumes of wheat traditionally formed the major share in the structure of supplies, and totaled 172 thsd tonnes, down 40% compared to the previous week level. The export volumes of corn declined by one quarter to 67 thsd tonnes, against 91 thsd tonnes in the previous week. Also, barley shipments halved to 31 thsd tonnes.

In the reporting period, Turkey (160 thsd tonnes), Iran (69 thsd tonnes), and Sri Lanka (25 thsd tonnes) were the TOP-3 of countries-importers of Russian grains.

According to APK-Inform figures, since the beginning of the new marketing year (July 1, 2019) Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port remained the leader of grain foreign shipments — 8.33 mln tonnes. The port Kavkaz took the second position with its shipment volumes at 6.36 mln tonnes, and JSC Rostov Seaport took the third position — 1.85 mln tonnes.

You can receive more detailed information about the weekly exports of major grains from the Russian ports on the website of APK-Inform Agency in the Analytics section.