Russia: in the second half of 2019/20 MY, the grain export potential totals 22.7 mln tonnes — RGU




The potential of grain exports from Russia in the second half of 2019/20 MY (January-June) totals 22.7 mln tonnes, declared the Director of the information analysis department of the Russian Grain Union (RGU), Elena Tyurina, on January 16.

Some reduction of the supply volume of all types of grains and pulses on the global market in the first half of the season led to increasing of the potential of export volumes in the remaining period of the agricultural year. According to the recent calculations, the potential of grain exports from Russia in January-June of 2020 totals 22.7 mln tonnes, up 61.5%, or 8.7 mln tonnes, compared with the same period last year.

In particular, the potential of wheat exports in the second half of the season totals 14.2 mln tonnes (up 3.5 mln tonnes), barley — 3.6 mln tonnes (up 2 mln tonnes), and corn — 4.6 mln tonnes (up 3 mln tonnes).

Generally, E.Tyurina estimated the export potential of grain crops in the current season at 47.3 mln tonnes (up 3.8 mln tonnes compared with last season).

The figures increased, due to the growth of barley and corn production, which also increased their export potential. Wheat export forecast remained at the level of the previous agricultural year — 35 mln tonnes. The exports of barley will total 5.8 mln tonnes (up 1.1 mln tonnes), and corn — 6 mln tonnes (up 3.2 mln tonnes). The exports of other grain crops will reach 0.5 mln tonnes.