Since the beginning of the season-2019/20, Ukraine exported nearly 21 mln tonnes of grains — State Fiscal Service




Since the beginning of 2019/20 MY (July 1), and as of November 8, Ukraine already supplied 20.927 mln tonnes of grains and pulses on the global market, an increase of 6.36 mln tonnes compared with the figures in the same period of 2018/19 MY, declared the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

In particular, the shipments of wheat totaled 12.11 mln tonnes (up 4.19 mln tonnes), barley — 3.36 mln tonnes (up 446 thsd tonnes), and corn — over 5 mln tonnes (up 1.736 mln tonnes).

In addition, since the beginning of the current season Ukraine exported 129.3 thsd tonnes of flour, up 56.9 thsd tonnes.