Rusagrotrans increased the forecast of grain exports from Russia in November 2019




The analytical center of Rusagrotrans JSC increased its estimations of the export volumes of Russian grains in November 2019 to 3.7 mln tonnes, as opposed to the previous level of 3.5 mln tonnes, declared the Head of the analytical center at Rusagrotrans JSC, Igor Pavensky, on November 8.

In particular, wheat will traditionally form the major volumes — nearly 3.3 mln tonnes, which will exceed the figures of the same month last year (3.18 mln tonnes), the analyst added.

Also, in October 2019 the exports of Russian grains totaled 4.1 mln tonnes, including 3.6 mln tonnes of wheat, 203 thsd tonnes of barley, and 199 thsd tonnes of corn.