In the current season, Russia to completely realize the potential of grain exports — Ministry of Agriculture




The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia expected for the complete realization of the export potential of grain crops in the current season, declared the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Patrushev on November 7.

As a reminder, the forecast of the general grain harvest in Russia in 2019 totals nearly 120 mln tonnes, up 6% compared with the last year figures.

The expected volume of grain domestic consumption remained at the last year level. According to the Ministry estimations, the export potential of grain crops in the current agricultural year totals 45 mln tonnes, including 36 mln tonnes of wheat, said D.Patrushev, and added that the growth of the export prices will contribute to the further realization of the potential.

According to the forecast of the Ministry, in November-December of 2019 Russia will supply nearly 7-8 mln tonnes of grains on foreign markets, at the sum of nearly 1.5-1.7 bln USD. Thus, the final figures in 2019 will total nearly 40-41 mln tonnes, which generally meet the optimistic scenario of the Grain strategy, the Minister stressed.