New drivers in the exports of Russian agricultural products — REC




To date, new growth drivers appeared in the exports of products of the Russian agro-industrial complex, declared the CEO of the Russian Export Center (REC), Andrey Slepnev, on November 5.

According to him, the current upward trends in the export dynamics developed, due to the impact of new growth drivers. To date, new industries formed the dynamics development, including the exports of vegetable oils, meat, fish, confectionery, etc.

Also, A.Slepnev called the main destinations of the products supply: Russia made the global supplies of vegetable oils to the Middle East, the Asian region, and Africa. Due to the state-by-state basis agreements, China opened its market for Russian poultry meat, which is a big trend with the huge demand rates. In addition, confectionery products demonstrated the good dynamics around the world.