As of October 1, Ukraine harvested over 48 mln tonns of grains and pulses — State Statistics Service




As of October 1, the general production of grains and pulses in all categories of agricultural households of Ukraine totaled 48.659 mln tonnes. The harvested areas reached 11.633 mln ha, with the average yield of 4.18 t/ha. It is worthwhile noting that the harvest volumes in agricultural enterprises totaled 30.265 mln tonnes, and in households of the population — 11.78 mln tonnes, declared the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

In particular, the production of wheat totaled 28.779 mln tonnes, with the yield of 4.24 t/ha, and the harvested areas — 6.787 mln ha. Agrarians harvested 9.11 mln tonnes of barley throughout 2.602 mln ha, with the yield of 3.5 t/ha. In addition, Ukraine harvested 343 thsd tonnes of rye throughout 113.3 thsd ha, with the average yield of 3.01 t/ha. The production of oats totaled 438.4 thsd tonnes, the harvested areas — 180.1 thsd ha, and the yield — 2.43 t/ha.

As of the reporting date, the harvest volumes of peas reached almost 584 thsd tonnes, and the areas — 254.1 thsd ha. The yield totaled 2.31 t/ha.

In addition, Ukraine harvested 3.295 mln tonnes of rapeseed throughout 1.275 mln ha, with the yield at 2.58 t/ha.