In 2019, Kyrgyzstan reduced the production of wheat and oilseeds — KyrStat




As of September 24, agrarians of Kyrgyzstan harvested grain crops (without buckwheat, rice and pulses) throughout the areas of 517.6 thsd ha, an increase of 0.2% compared with the same date last year (517.6 thsd ha), reported the National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic (KyrStat) on October 18.

At the same time, the production volumes of grains totaled 1.607 mln tonnes (in 2018 — 1.58 mln tonnes), with the average yield of 3.11 t/ha (3.06 t/ha).

In particular, the harvest volumes of wheat decreased by 4.2% compared with the last year level, and totaled 661.4 thsd tonnes. Also, barley production increased by 7.6% — to 456.9 thsd tonnes.

In addition, Kyrgyzstan 89.1 harvested thsd tonnes of pulses, against 87.4 thsd tonnes last year.

As of the reporting date, the production of oilseeds in the country reached 29.4 thsd tonnes, down 14.4% compared with the last year level (34.4 thsd tonnes), KyrStat added.