High-quality genetics of Euralis Semences seeds provided new and effective solutions to farmers — expert




The high-quality genetics of seeds, produced by Euralis Semences Ukraine LLC, provides new and effective solutions to farmers, which are very important for the final result. After all, not only the production of high-quality seeds, but also the further cultivation processes, is the key business activity of Euralis, the CEO of Euralis Semences Ukraine LLC, Nigel Thwaites reported to APK-Inform journalists.

Therein, the company philosophy coincides with the philosophy of agrarians — to think not only about seeds, but also about their germination ability. Many companies have tried to work under the principle, but not all managed to achieve success. Due to the fact that the modern company Euralis has developed from the common cooperative of farming enterprises, the expert guaranteed the further success of the company.

Also, he said that to date Euralis the fairly good genetics of sunflower and corn seeds, and its soybean varieties keep the leading positions in Europe by quality indicators.

You can learn more detailed information about the genetics of seeds of the company Euralis, by visiting the international conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019" in Kyiv (Ukraine), on October 30, where Nigel Thwaites will make a report "Euralis is a reliable partner for the fat-and-oil industry".

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