Belarus harvested over 7 mln tonnes of grains — Ministry of Agriculture




As of October 17, Belarusian agrarians harvested grains and pulses (including corn) throughout the areas of 2.21 mln ha, or 96.4% of the plan (2.292 mln ha). The production volumes reached 7.362 mln tonnes of grains, with the average yield at 3.33 t/ha, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

In particular, agrarians harvested corn for grain throughout 105 thsd ha, or 56.4% of the planned areas (186.3 thsd ha). The production reached 827.4 thsd tonnes, with the yield of 7.88 t/ha.

Also, the country reached the final stages of the harvesting campaign of rapeseed. Agrarians harvested the oilseed throughout 337.2 thsd ha, or 99.5% of the plan (340.6 thsd ha). The production volumes reached 685.9 thsd tonnes, with the yield of 2.03 t/ha.

In addition, agrarians harvested 2.885 mln tonnes of sugar beet throughout 60.2 thsd ha (64.5%), with the yield of 47.96 t/ha.