Ukraine: in 2018, the average profitability of sunflower and soybeans production reached the 5-year minimum — APK-Inform




In 2018, Ukrainian agricultural producers received the average profitability rates of sunflower seed and soybeans production, at the level of 5-year minimum: 32.5% and 21% respectively, according to the official figures.

According to the oilseed market analyst at APK-Inform Agency, Julia Ivanitskaya, the trend developed, due to the fact that increasing of the supply of oilseeds contributed to reduction of the purchasing prices in 2018/19 MY. As for soybeans, the price decline was more significant, due to the negative impact of the global market situation: overproduction of soybeans in the world, high carry-over stocks, the current trade war between the USA and China, which resulted in significant reduction of the imports and consumption of soybeans.

The season-2018/19, which ended in August 2019 for the oilseed segment of Ukraine, demonstrated the record export volumes of sunflower seed and soybean by-products. Taking into account the current stable capacities of the domestic market, the export figures of oilseed by-products are the main benchmark in estimation of the real volumes of raw materials, the expert noted.

According to APK-Inform estimations, in 2018 sunflower seed production in Ukraine totaled 15.2 mln tonnes, an increase of 12% compared with the previous year. Also, agrarians harvested almost 4.8 mln tonnes of soybeans (up 14%), taking into account the final appraisal results. Both crops demonstrated the maximum harvest figures, due to the growth of yield indicators, as well as sunflower seed planted areas also increased.

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