In the current season, Russia to increase peas production — APK-Inform




In 2019/20 MY, many Russian agrarians reduced the planted areas under peas in favour of more profitable agricultural crops. Therefore, in the current season the areas lowered to 1.3 mln ha, a decrease of 11.5% compared with last year. Taking into account the current forecast of APK-Inform about the growth of peas yield, the harvest volumes will increase by 12.7% — to 2.6 mln tonnes.

In terms of the growth of peas production, in the current season the export volumes can reach 900 thsd tonnes. At the same time, the reduction of peas planted areas in several countries-importers, due to the observed adverse weather conditions, will somewhat contribute to the trend development. In particular, in July 2019 the export volumes totaled 73.4 thsd tonnes, down 26 thsd tonnes compared with July 2018, said the grain market expert of APK-Inform Agency, Alina Timofeyeva.

At the same time, the EU countries reduced the import volumes, especially Spain, Italy, Norway and Germany. If in July 2018 the export share to the EU reached 70.5%, then in the same month of 2019 — 36.6% only. At the same time, Russia significantly increased the supply volumes of peas to India — from 2.1 thsd tonnes in July 2018, to 28.7 thsd tonnes in the same period of 2019.

You can read more detailed information about the situation on the Russian peas market in 2018/19 MY, as well as the prospects for its development in the new season, in the article "Russian market of peas: processing or exports?" in the weekly issue Agrimarket Weekly #40 dd. October 14, 2019.