Ukraine: grains and pulses harvest in registered weight to vary within 74 mln tonnes — Minister of Economic Development




According to preliminary estimations and local figures from regions, in 2019 the production volumes of grains and pulses in Ukraine in registered weight will vary at the level of 74 mln tonnes, an increase of 4 mln tonnes compared with 2018, declared the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, Tymofiy Mylovanov, on November 12.

In particular, to date agrarians already harvested 28.1 mln tonnes of wheat (up 3.5 mln tonnes), 35 mln tonnes of corn for grain (down 0.8 mln tonnes), 8.9 mln tonnes of barley (up 1.6 mln tonnes), 333 thsd tonnes of rye (down 60 thsd tonnes), 444 thsd tonnes of oats (up 26 thsd tonnes), 572 thsd tonnes of peas (down 203 thsd tonnes), 85 thsd tonnes of buckwheat (down 52 thsd tonnes), 165 thsd tonnes of millet (up 84 thsd tonnes), and 63 thsd tonnes of rice (down 6 thsd tonnes).

In addition, the harvest of sunflower seed will reach the level of 14.2 mln tonnes (at the level of last year), and soybeans — 3.6 mln tonnes (down 827 thsd tonnes).

The production of sugar beet can total nearly 9.8 mln tonnes (down 4.2 mln tonnes).