Belarus planted early spring grains throughout nearly 1 mln ha — Ministry of Agriculture




As of May 5, Belarus planted early spring grains and pulses (without corn, buckwheat and millet) throughout the areas of 963.2 thsd ha, or 94.6% of the forecast, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

In particular, Brest, Minsk and Mogilev oblasts already completed the planting works. In Gomel (98.2%) and Grodno (99.1%) oblasts, agrarians still continued the mass planting campaign. In Vitebsk oblast, agrarians already planted grains throughout 74.8% of the forecast.

Belarus completed the planting campaign of sugar beet. The planted areas totaled 98.2 thsd ha, or 101.6% of the plan. The largest areas under sugar beet are located in Minsk and Grodno oblasts (38 thsd ha and 34 thsd ha, respectively).

Generally, in 2018 Belarus plans to plant early spring grains and pulses throughout 1.019 mln ha. The largest areas under crops are located in Minsk and Vitebsk oblasts (217 thsd ha and 204 thsd ha, respectively). In particular, the planted areas under flaxseed already reached 88.1% of the plan (43.7 thsd ha), and corn for grain — 79.7% (128.1 thsd ha).