Oilseeds market weekly report: Russia & Ukraine (03/13/2006 - 03/19/2006)




Russian domestic market situation

Sunseeds prices rose due to strong crushers demand

Crude sun oil market is active. Huge exports reduced domestic offers and pushed prices higher.

Sunmeal market remains active. Large crushers sharply reduced offered volumes and concentrated on executing earlier contracts.

Ukrainian domestic market situation

High local demand on sunseeds stimulates increase in prices.

High volumes of crude sunoil are being shipped toward ports.

The situation on domestic sunmeal market has become critical due to ban on Ukrainian sunmeal imports introduced by Belarus. Crushers in the Eastern Ukraine are reporting lack of storage facilities for sunmeal produced. Some plants will probably stop operations in the nearest future.

Export market situation (Russia + Ukraine)

Russian export market of oilseeds and product remains active due to low prices which are still attractive for buyers.

Crude sunoil market situation in Ukrainian ports remains stable.

Sunmeal trade in Ukraine on DAF basis remains slow

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