Russia: APK-Inform increased the forecast of grain production to 124 mln tonnes




According to the updated estimations of APK-Inform analysts, in 2019 the general harvest of grain crops in Russia will total 124 mln tonnes, an increase of 9.5% compared with the last year figures.

In particular, in the current year the production of Russian wheat will reach the level of 77.5 mln tonnes (up 7.4% compared with the figures of 2018), barley — 21.3 mln tonnes (up 25.4%), and corn — 12.6 mln tonnes (up 10.2%).

The growth of the average yield of Russian grains became the main reason for such upward adjustments. The yield estimations increased by 1.5% compared with the August forecast — to 2.73 t/ha. In particular, the yield figures increased for all major crops: wheat — 2.83 t/ha (up 0.7% compared with the previous estimations), barley — 2.53 t/ha (up 8.1%), corn — 5.12 t/ha (up 2%), APK-Inform experts noted.