Kazakhstan planted spring grains throughout over 3 mln ha — Ministry of Agriculture




As of May 15, Kazakh farmers planted spring agricultural crops throughout the areas of 4.529 mln ha, or 24.3% of the forecast, reported the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, in the current year the planting rates became 2 times higher compared with the same date last year, when farmers planted spring crops throughout 2.2 mln ha only (12% of the forecast).

In particular, as of the reporting date Kazakhstan planted spring grains and pulses throughout 3.02 mln ha, or 20.5% of the plan, oilseeds — 950.8 thsd ha (31.6%), and sugar beet — 20.4 thsd ha (92.7%).

Also, all (14) oblasts of Kazakhstan already started providing the spring planting works.