Belarus almost completed the planting campaign of rapeseed — Ministry of Agriculture




Belarusian farmers almost completed the planting campaign of spring rapeseed. As of May 14, farmers planted the oilseed throughout the areas of 50.1 thsd ha, or 95.9% of the plan (52.2 thsd ha), declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

Also, the planting campaign of millet reached its final stage — 6.48 thsd ha (70.9% of the forecast).

As of the reporting date, Belarus planted buckwheat throughout 9.34 thsd ha, or 41% of the plan (22.8 thsd ha).

Generally, by mid-May 2020 Belarusian farmers planted spring agricultural crops throughout almost 2.41 mln ha, or 94.4% of the plan (2.55 mln ha).