Ukraine: early May weather favoured the vegetation of crops — Hydrometeorological center




In Ukraine, the rains in the first ten-day period of May improved the agrometeorological conditions of vegetation of all crops, thus the air and soil drought ended up through the most of the country, informed the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center.

Additionally, in those regions where the amount of precipitation was not enough to increase significantly the moisture content in the metre-deep layer of soil, the moisture content of the topsoil was improved and the conditions for vegetation of late warm-weather crops turned to more positive.

“At the same time, the drought in deep soils retained through the part of southern regions as the amount of precipitation were not sufficient, however, the drought spread and intensification was limited by low air temperatures. The severe spring drought caused the irreversible damage to winter and early spring grains through the part of southern regions leading to significant decline of production. There is total crop failure in several cases”, - stated in the message.

Moreover, the rise of temperature to normal level or higher together with favorable rains promoted the vegetation of most of crops in the western part of Ukraine.