Russia to increase the planted areas under groat crops — Ministry of Agriculture




The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation plans to expand the planted areas under agricultural crops used for the production of groats in 2020, declared the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Jambulat Khatuov, on May 8.

According to the Ministry's forecast, in 2020 the areas under corn for grain will total 2.7 mln ha (in 2019 — 2.6 mln ha), rice — 197.4 thsd ha (194 thsd ha), buckwheat — 858.2 thsd ha (806.6 thsd ha), and oats — 2.62 mln ha (2.61 mln ha).

Such measures will allow laying rather good raw material basis for the further development of the domestic flour and groats industry, and increase the level of self-sufficiency of the country in the main types of groats. Generally, in the current year the planted areas in Russia will grow to 80.3 mln ha, J.Khatuov said.

At the same time, he specified that the authorities will make final estimation of the harvest in 2020 after completion of the crops planting campaign. The possible adjustments will be realized depending on the developed agrometeorological conditions.