Belarus: three oblasts started planting buckwheat — Ministry of Agriculture




Farmers of Gomel, Brest and Grodno oblasts of Belarus started planting buckwheat. As of May 6, farmers already planted the grain throughout the areas of 1.7 thsd ha from the plan of nearly 23 thsd ha, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

According to the announcement, the forecast of buckwheat production in 2020 totals nearly 30 thsd tonnes in bunker weight.

In addition, Belarus already early grains and pulses (without corn, buckwheat and millet) throughout 821.3 thsd ha, or 95.4% of the plan (860.9 thsd ha).

As of the reporting date, Belarusian farmers planted corn for grain throughout 284.7 thsd ha, up 2.4% compared with the plan, pulses — 157.6 thsd ha (88.2% of the plan), spring rapeseed — 47.9 thsd ha (91.7%), and sugar beet — 86.4 thsd ha (94.4%).