Kazakhstan: 12 oblasts started the planting campaign of spring grains — Ministry of Agriculture




As of May 6, 12 oblasts of Kazakhstan planted spring spiked grain crops (without corn and rice) throughout the areas of 794.7 thsd ha, or 5.5% of the general planned areas for the reporting regions (14.322 mln ha), reported the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In particular, to date farmers increased the rates of the planting campaign compared with last year, when farmers planted the crops throughout 520.3 thsd ha (3.6%) on the same date.

Also, three oblasts already planted corn for grain throughout 88.4 thsd ha (56.1% of the plan), and nine oblasts planted oilseed crops throughout 381.9 thsd ha (8.2%).

Generally, as of the reporting date Kazakhstan already planted all spring crops throughout 1.675 mln ha, or 9.1% of the plan (18.5 mln ha).