In 2019, Belarus harvested 7.3 mln tonnes of grains — BelStat




In 2019, the production volumes of grain crops in all categories of agricultural households of Belarus totaled 7.3 mln tonnes in clean weight, with the average yield of 3.04 t/ha, reported the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus (BelStat), on January 15.

In particular, Minsk oblast demonstrated the largest volumes of grain production — 1.9 mln tonnes, or 25.9% of the general harvest in the country. Also, two regions — Grodno (1.35 mln tonnes) and Brest oblasts (1.3 mln tonnes) — produced more than 1 mln tonnes of grains each.

In addition, the reporting oblasts exceeded the average yield figures of grain crops in the country. In Grodno oblast, the yield totaled 3.66 t/ha, in Brest oblast — 3.44 t/ha, and in Minsk oblast — 3.32 t/ha.

At the same time, in 2019 the harvest of sugar beet in Belarus totaled 4.9 mln tonnes, with the average yield of 51.9 t/ha.