Rosstat slightly increased its estimations of the grain harvest in 2019




According to preliminary figures, Rosstat slightly increased the estimation of the general production of grains and pulses (including corn) in 2019 in all categories of agricultural households of the Russian Federation (agricultural organizations, farmers, population) — to 120.7 mln tonnes in clean weight, reported the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat).

As a reminder, in mid-December 2019 the reporting estimation totaled 120.6 mln tonnes.

Also, Rosstat increased the estimation of sugar beet harvest to 50.8 mln tonnes, as opposed to 50.6 mln tonnes forecasted in December 2019. The updated figures increased by 20.7%, compared with the previous year results (42.1 mln tonnes).

The estimation of sunflower seed harvest remained unchanged at 15.1 mln tonnes, up 18.4% compared with the level of 2018.