Kazakh agrarians lost nearly 30% of the harvest, due to weed infestation — Kazakh Grain Union




In Kazakhstan, agrarians usually lose nearly 30% of the crop harvest, due to the high weed infestation in the fields, declared the Chairman at the association of legal entities Kazakh Grain Union, Nurlan Ospanov, on December 12.

According to him, the weed infestation of crops damages nearly 30% of the harvest. Agrarians will fail to get the high-quality crop, if they do not use any crop protection products. To date, the Kazakh registry mainly includes the products that were deposited in the list in the nineties. The number of new products is quite small.

Also, N.Ospanov added that agricultural producers need some state compensation for the costs, as well as they need to improve agricultural technologies and seed materials, among the key factors that would allow to increase grain production in the country.