Russia to harvest over 123 mln tonnes of grains — RGU




The Russian Grain Union (RGU) increased the forecast of the general grain harvest in Russia in 2019 by 1.62 mln tonnes compared with its previous estimations — to 123.3 mln tonnes, declared the Director of the analytics department of the RGU, Elena Tyurina, on October 7.

In particular, the estimations of wheat harvest increased to 75.8 mln tonnes, barley — to 21.4 mln tonnes, while the forecast of the corn production remained unchanged — 13.5 mln tonnes.

The forecasts increased in terms of the current figures of the growth of yield level compared with the same period last year, explained E.Tyurina.

Also, she added that the adjusted forecast of wheat production in 2019 increased by 5% compared with last year, or up 3.7 mln tonnes.

The trend will allow to Russia to export at least 34 mln tonnes of wheat in the current MY, which will reduce by 1.3 mln tonnes compared with the last year figures. The expected downward trend developed, due to the increased competition rates from France and Ukraine on the global market, which are expected to increase wheat exports in the current season by 4.2 mln tonnes and 3.5 mln tonnes, respectively. At the same time, in the current agricultural year the reduction of Kazakh wheat shipments on the global market by more than 3 mln tonnes will provide some support to Russian exporters, said the head of the RGU department.