In 2019, Kazakhstan planted flaxseed throughout the record areas — Severnoe Zerno




In 2019, the planted areas under flaxseed in the Republic of Kazakhstan reached a new record — 1.287 mln ha, reported the Founder of the group of companies Severnoe Zerno LLC, Expert of the Kazakh Grain Union, Evgeny Karabanov, during his report within frames of the international conference "KazakhGrainExport 2019" in Istanbul, on September 20.

According to him, it became the highest result in the world in absolute terms, and compared with the general structure of the planted areas. In terms of the most stable figures in the price segment, for 5 recent seasons the planted areas under the oilseed in Kazakhstan increased in more than 2.3 times. For three recent years, the volatility of the domestic prices did not exceed 30%, while the figures of wheat totaled 100%, and barley — 75%. In addition, the oilseed is low-maintenance in terms of agricultural machinery, it is drought-resistant, and has rather high marginality.

E.Karabanov added that the high marginality is the dominant factor of the growing interest of agrarians in flaxseed cultivation, despite the fact that it has the low potential of yield. According to estimations of Severnoe Zerno LLC, in 2018 the prime cost of flaxseed cultivation totaled 159 USD/t, and the average selling price — 274 USD/t. The average profitability of the oilseed totaled more than 70%, while the figures for wheat did not exceed 35%, and barley — 50%.

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