In 2019/20 MY, the UAE became the leader in the imports of Ukrainian flour




According to APK-Inform estimations, in July-December of 2019/20 MY Ukraine significantly increased the exports of wheat flour, which totaled more than 190 thsd tonnes in physical terms, up 56% compared with the first half last season. For six months of the season, the United Arab Emirates became the main country-importer of Ukrainian flour, and purchased 52.7 thsd tonnes of the product, while in July-December of 2017/18 MY — 21 thsd tonnes, and for the same period of the season-2018/19 — 8.3 thsd tonnes only.

It is worth noting that for the first half of the current season the shipments of Ukrainian wheat flour to the UAE exceeded the purchases for the whole 2018/19 MY and 2017/18 MY — 48 thsd tonnes and 46 thsd tonnes, respectively, said APK-Inform analyst, Viktoria Rozhko.



Generally, in the first half of 2019/20 MY Ukraine exported 85.9 thsd tonnes of wheat flour to the Middle East region, and the share of the UAE in the volumes totaled 61%,while Palestine took the second position with the share of 20% (17.2 thsd tonnes), and Israel — the third position, or 8% (6.9 thsd tonnes).

Thus, for the first half of 2019/20 MY the share of the UAE in the general export structure of wheat flour from Ukraine totaled 28%, while in July-December of 2018/19 MY — 7% only, and for the same period of the season-2017/18 — 9%, added V.Rozhko.