Russian-Kazakh grain giant on sale




"Transauto" company of "Grain company Nastyasha" Ltd. plans to sell own elevators in North Kazakhstan oblast of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company plans to dispose of own assets in the country. As a reminder, "Transauto" Ltd. owns 14 grain reception enterprises in North Kazakhstan oblast. But the company does not plan to sell the assets in pieces, but prepares to provide the selling operation as one full lot, though several grain companies became interested in purchasing of separate elevators.

The group of companies "Nastyasha" was founded in 1992, the target business activities of the company are production, storing, processing and selling of grains. The company works on markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania. The general capacities of 30 elevators and grain reception enterprises of the holding "Nastyasha", located in main grain sowing regions of North Kazakhstan, Siberia and Kuban, total nearly 3 mln tonnes of simultaneous grain storing. Also the holding owns agricultural enterprises, flour milling complexes, bakery complexes, poultry farms, pig complexes, meat processing factory, trading enterprises. The group also includes flour milling complex in Sokolniky, Moscow bakery complex, Novokuznetsk bakery complex.

In the Baltic region, the holding controls the protein-vitamin plant Kretingos Grudai, five poultry farms, seven pig complexes and the air company VIP Avia, locating in Riga. According to the announcement, in 2008, the proceeds of the holding totaled 1.28 bln USD. In December 2008, the governmental committee of the growth of stability of Russian economics enlisted "Grain company Nastyasha" Ltd. to the list of strategic organizations of Russia, which have the most important strategic significance, along with other 33 enterprises of food industry and agricultural complex.

In the current year, the group of companies "Nastyasha" loses own assets. In June, Rosselhozbank took 10 grain storehouses of the company due to the debts, previously the company owned 13 grain storehouses. Rosselhozbank received the elevators from the grain company in the form of compensation for release from debt obligations, which totaled nearly 3 bln RUR. On August 31, 2009, OJSC "Ryazanzernoproduct" (part of the group of companies "Grain holding") sued to the arbitration court of Moscow about the bankruptcy of "Grain company Nastyasha" Ltd.

According to accounting data of the company for the second quarter of 2009, in September of the current year, the company had to satisfy a payment obligation at the volume of 60 mln USD to the bank "Societe Generale", in a year -160 mln USD to the Bank of development of Kazakhstan, in December 2011 - 33.5 mln USD to Raiffeisenbank. The company reached the default at payback of bonded loan of 1 bln RUR ("Grain company Nastyasha" Ltd. also was the emitter).

In Kazakhstan, the holding owns 16 elevators, 12 agricultural enterprises, cultivating grains through the area of over 200 000 ha, and one pig complex. Two structures operate the property - OJSC "Nastyasha" and "Transauto" Ltd. The joint Kazakh-Lithuanian-Russian enterprise "Transauto" started cooperating with agricultural organizations of North Kazakhstan oblast in 1999.

According to official data, the enterprise is one of the largest debtors of salaries payment. Also, the company did not payed taxes from the beginning of the year.