The first international conference Qazaq Organiс Food was held in Kazakhstan





The global organic farming has the enormous potential, and Kazakhstan can become one of the largest countries-producers of organic products in Central Asia. Nevertheless, the uncertainty of Kazakh agrarians in high revenues, as well as the deficit of knowledge and experience in the production and sales of organic grains and oilseeds, became the major limiting factors in development of the industry segment.

Therefore, AgroIndustria KZ in cooperation with APK-Inform Agency, Organic Standard Ltd, and Agroecology PE, organized the first international conference in Kazakhstan «Qazaq Organic Food: new opportunities & new markets" , which was held on November 29 in Astana (Kazakhstan).

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Atameken, and the United Nations Development Programme provided its official support to the event.

More than 100 delegates from 12 countries visited the event! In particular, skilled companies-producers and exporters of organic products from Kazakhstan andUkraine already confirmed their participation in the conference, as well as the large-scale importers from Germany (Imarti Naturkost, Saatenberg Handels & Consulting), Switzerland (Field Farms Marketing), the Netherlands (DF International B.V.), China (Yihai Kerry, International Trading Co., Ltd.), the Czech Republic (AGRIWELL), Poland (VELES AGRO LTD), and other countries.

One of the major German companies-importers of organic products — IMARTI Naturkost GmbH&Co.KG , became the Sponsor of the event.The company focuses on the production and selling of agricultural products, as well as processes the products at its own enterprises. IMARTIsells all types of ecologically friendly agricultural products, and covers the market of the EU, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the USA.

The main topics of the conference covered features of the requirements to the production of organic agricultural products; certification of organic goods production; moving from the intensive to organic farming; major machinery for the tillage weed control; organic project for the Kazakh market; organic trading and exports, etc.