Limitation of export of milling products to hit Ukrainian processors – Millers of Ukraine




Union "Millers of Ukraine" represented by the Chairman of the Union Rodion Rybchinskiy, addressed to the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine calling not to limit export of food products, particularly milling products.

“We consider such measures as unreasoned and harmful for processing companies, they will not improve food security in the county by no means”, - experts assure.

“Flour production in Ukraine is estimated at about 2.3 mln tonnes in 2019/20 MY while inner consumption could reach 1.9 mln tonnes, and we have carry over stocks at 240 thsd tonnes. Thus there is no background for flour deficit on domestic market”, - explained the Union.

Moreover, flour consumption in Ukraine is declining over the last 5 years. Thus, export of flour that could reach 350 thsd tonnes this season is the key development factor for majority of processing enterprises in the country.

“If Ukrainian companies stop to export flour, they would lose their target markets obtained over the recent years as the competition on the global market is high. The same is for groats production and export”, - is said in the appeal.