"Middle East Grains&Oils Congress: Beirut edition", Lebanon, Beirut

Sep 18, 2019

Ukraine to continue increasing grain exports to the MENA countries — Cotecna




The season-2018/19 was characterized by a general decrease in wheat exports, which was basically caused by decrease of the harvest.

In the season-2018/19, the structure of wheat exports was dominated by the tendency of reorientation to the regions of MENA (39.7% of the general Ukrainian exports, up 3.2% per year) and South and East Asia (46.7% of the general Ukrainian exports, up 3.9% per year). At the same time, the shares of European countries and the rest of Africa started decreasing, reported the MBA, BSc Chemistry and Biotechnology, Vice President - Baltic, Black and Caspian Seas Business Group at Cotecna Inspection, Arina Korchmaryova in the recent interview to APK-Inform Agency.

According to her, the segment of barley exports demonstrated the same trend. As for the structure of exports, last season the MENA region demonstrated the increasingly dominant position (86.4% of all exported barley from Ukraine), where Saudi Arabia still held the first position in the rating.

"The increase in shipments is first of all related to higher yields and optimization of supplies. Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia are the countries that are among the TOP-20 markets in focus for Ukrainian exports (according to the Export Strategy of Ukraine), so Ukraine will increasingly orient itself and strengthen its position on these markets. The 2019/2020 season is characterized by an increase in wheat harvest, and thus we could expect the growth of general exports as well as to these countries," the expert added.

You can become acquainted with the full version of interview with A.Korchmaryova on our website. Also, the expert is one of the key speakers at the international conference "Middle East Grains&Oils Congress: Beirut edition", to be held in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 18-19, 2019.


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