"KazOil 2019", Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Nov 5, 2019

Kazakhstan to decrease the production of some oilseed crops — APK-Inform




Taking into account the unfavourable weather conditions during the harvesting campaign, APK-Inform analysts decreased the forecast of the harvest volumes of the major oilseeds in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the season-2019/20.

In September-October period, the production figures of raw materials faced the main changes in the supply and demand balances of oilseeds and its by-products in Kazakhstan, under the impact of recent news from the fields, as well as the weather conditions during the harvesting works, said the oilseed analyst at APK-Inform Agency, Svitlana Kirichok.

According to preliminary estimations of APK-Inform Agency, in 2019 the general harvest of sunflower seed will reach 789 thsd tonnes, down 7% compared with the previous year. At the same time, the production of flaxseed 2019 will total nearly 795-800 thsd tonnes, down 2% compared with the previous year, and down 12% compared with the previous estimations.


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