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Sep 19, 2019

Egypt was the main buyer of Ukrainian corn in the first month of 2019/20 MY




According to APK-Inform, Egypt (530 thsd tonnes), the Netherlands (290 thsd tonnes), Spain (about 275 thsd tonnes) and Turkey (more than 180 thas tonnes) were the main buyers of Ukrainian corn in October.

“The EU is still the largest export destination for Ukrainian corn. According to preliminary estimations, the EU imported about 1 mln tonnes of the grain in the first month of 2019/20 MY. However, if we examine Ukrainian corn export on a country-by-country basis we see that the largest volumes were shipped to Egypt in October, while China is on the fifth place”, - informed Anna Tanskaya, the head of grains and oilseeds department of APK-Inform.

Moreover, she mentioned that Ukraine exported about 2.3 mln tonnes of corn in the first month of 2019/20 MY up 1.7 times compared to October 2018. She pointed out that Egypt imported 23% of the total volume of Ukrainian corn, as it was attractively priced and rather competitive on the global market.

“Due to record corn production in 2018 and the second largest crop achieved this year Ukraine now has significant export potential. For example, Ukraine exported 0.5 mln tonnes of corn in October 2017 while it shipped the same volume of the grain solely to Egypt in October 2019.” – pointed out A.Tanskaya.

Summarizing the preliminary results of 2018/19 MY, A.Tanskaya added that Ukraine boosted export of corn to the North Africa by 45% to 4.9 mln tonnes mainly due to larger supply to Egypt – 3 mln tonnes up 1.3 times.

“According to APK-Inform, Ukraine could export 26.5 mln tonnes of corn in 2019/20 MY down 11.7% from the year ago result. Due to unusual start of the season and preliminary estimation of export volumes and destinations, we could wonder who will be the leading importer of Ukrainian corn. Maybe, Egypt?” – summarized the expert.


You can receive more detailed information about prospects of Ukrainian corn export, by visiting the international conference Middle East Grains&Oils Congress-2020, on March 3, 2020, in Cairo, Egypt.



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