"Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019", Ukraine, Kyiv

Oct 30, 2019

Expert announced the forecast of monthly exports of Ukrainian corn until the end of 2019/20 MY




In January-May of 2020, the export rates of corn from Ukraine will develop at rather high level, and reach nearly 17.2 mln tonnes. At the end of the season-2019/20, the export rates will slow down, and for 2 recent months of the season the shipment volumes will total nearly 150 thsd tonnes per month, which will reduce by 60 thsd tonnes and 110 thsd tonnes respectively, compared with August and September 2019, declared the independent expert of the Ukrainian market of grains and oilseeds, Oleg Levchenko, to APK-Inform journalists.



According to the expert, the high rates of Ukrainian corn exports will continue keeping until May 2020, and then the figures will significantly decrease, and for the following 4 months, the general shipments will total nearly 1.5 mln tonnes.

In terms of reduction of the grain harvest volumes in the country, compared with the record production volumes in 2018, Ukraine will continue surprising the global market with the high export rates of corn. For the first 3 months of 2019/20 MY, Ukraine increased the supplies of corn on foreign markets by 2.25 mln tonnes, compared with the same period last season, O.Levchenko said.

Also, the expert stressed that the trend of significant growth of corn export volumes will continue keeping in early 2020. According to the recent lineups, in January-February period corn exports from the Ukrainian seaports will total 8.1 mln tonnes, up 1.3 mln tonnes compared with the same period last year.

It is quite dramatic result, taking into account that the corn harvest in 2019/20 MY is the second largest after the record one, but in terms of the significant reduction of the carry-over stocks, the total supply of the grain in Ukraine became significantly lower, compared with last year, he said.

According to O.Levchenko, the current situation mainly developed, due to the very attractive price environment, which formed on the Ukrainian export market of corn, as well as the high interest of importers in the grain purchasing.

For example, in the current season Egypt increased the import volumes, and for the first 3 months the country purchased more than 1 mln tonnes of Ukrainian corn, while for the same period last season the figure reached 0.3 mln tonnes only, the expert concluded.

As a reminder, on March 3 in Cairo, Egypt, APK-Inform Agency holds the international conference Middle East Grains&Oils Congress, where you can actively communicate with Ukrainian and Russian exporters, representatives of the key countries-importers and international experts.



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