"Middle East Grains&Oils Congress-2020", Egypt, Cairo

Mar 3, 2020

In the current season, Turkey became the key importer of Russian wheat




Since the beginning of the current season (July-December of 2019), Russia already exported 4.72 mln tonnes of wheat to Turkey, an increase of 61.6% compared with the same period last season, which moved Turkey to the leading positions in the list of TOP-10 of key importers of Russian wheat. In turn, in the first half of the season Egypt imported 3.88 mln tonnes of the grain (down 25%), declared the Grain Trader at TH FREGAT, Andrey Manenko, during his report within frames of the international conference Middle East Grains&Oils Congress-2020, on March 3.

For ten recent years, the production of grain crops in Russia did not demonstrate the stable growth dynamics, but the harvest of the season-2019/20 became the second largest results in the reporting period, which contributed to the country to keep the high export potential and competition rates on the global market. Thus, in 2019/20 MY the production of grain crops in Russia was estimated at 122.3 mln tonnes (up 8% y-o-y), including 75.3 mln tonnes of wheat, 20.6 mln tonnes of barley, and 14 mln tonnes of corn. At the same time, for ten recent seasons the consumption volumes of grains in the country varied within the range of 62-75 mln tonnes, then the export volumes significantly increased — from 4 mln tonnes only in 2010/11 MY, to 46.1 mln tonnes expected in 2019/20 MY, the speaker said.

According to the trader, since the beginning of the current season Russia already exported 21.15 mln tonnes of wheat (58% of the export potential), 2.04 mln tonnes of barley (51%), and 1.19 mln tonnes of corn (27%). At the same time, in the current season the list of main importers of barley from Russia included Saudi Arabia (0.93 mln tonnes), Iran (0.41 mln tonnes), Libya (0.25 mln tonnes), and Jordan (0.12 mln tonnes).

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