Rusagrotrans announced the first forecasts of Russian grain exports in 2020/21 MY




In 2020/21 MY, Russian grain exports will total nearly 46 mln tonnes, declared the Head of the analytical center of Rusagrotrans JSC, Igor Pavensky.

The preliminary forecast of grain exports from Russia in the new agricultural year totals nearly 46 mln tonnes, including 36 mln tonnes of wheat, the expert said, and added that the reporting estimations did not take into account the shipments to the EAEU countries and the exports of pulses.

According to I.Pavensky, the preliminary forecast of shipments in the new season is based on the planned harvest of Russian grains in 2020, which was estimated by Rusagrotrans analysts at 127.5 mln tonnes, including 81 mln tonnes of wheat.

Taking into account the warm weather in the spring, which contributes to early ripening processes of crops, grains of the new crop will begin to enter the market in mid-June, the analyst said.