In 2019, Russia exported over 31 mln tonnes of wheat — Federal Customs Service




In 2019, Russia exported 31.851 mln tonnes of wheat and meslin, at the general sum of 6.4 bln USD. The supplies decreased by 27.6% on weight basis compared with the same figures in 2018, and down 24.1% in monetary terms, declared the Federal Customs Service of Russia, on February 11.

In addition, in 2019 Russia shipped 3.09 mln tonnes of sunflower oil on foreign markets, at the sum of 2.2 bln USD (up 46.6% on weight basis, and up 37.1% in monetary terms).

At the same time, the export volumes of Russian mineral fertilizers totaled 34.63 mln tonnes at the sum of 8.4 bln USD. In particular, nitrogen fertilizers volumes totaled 14.41 mln tonnes (2.9 bln USD), potash fertilizers — 9.42 mln tonnes (2.34 bln USD), and compound fertilizers — 10.8 mln tonnes (3.17 bln USD).