EU countries increased the purchases of Ukrainian peas — APK-Inform




In 2018/19 MY, Ukraine decreased the export volumes of peas by 21% — to 687 thsd tonnes, due to the reduced production of the crop and changes in the export geography, as well as the significant difficulties with the supply to the sales destination.

Generally, in the season-2018/19 the downward trend in the supplies to the Asian direction totaled 51%, and the region lost its leading positions to the EU, which broke all records in peas purchases, and demonstrated the upward development by almost all countries, reported the Head of the local markets department, Anna Tanskaya.

In 2018/19 MY, the export volumes to India decreased by 69% — to 117.9 thsd tonnes, which moved the country to the 2nd position in the rating of importers of Ukrainian peas, and the share of the country in the export structure totaled 17.2%, against 43.1% and 35.8% in 2017/18 MY and 2016/17 MY, respectively. Such prospective market as Pakistan, showed the downward trend of peas imports at 17%, and moved to the 5th position.

At the same time, two EU members came to the TOP-10 of importers of Ukrainian peas: Spain, which increased the import volumes in 5.4 times — to 184.6 thsd tonnes, and took the 1st position in the rating with the share of 26.9%, as well as Germany, which took the 6th position, and increased the imports in 107 times — to 44.8 thsd tonnes (6.5%).

The trend managed to compensate the reduction of peas supplies to the Netherlands by 84% — to 4.7 thsd tonnes, and the country offset in the rating by 10 positions — from line the 6th to the 16th position. Thus, the general supplies to the EU increased in more than 3 times and totaled 365 thsd tonnes, added A.Tanskaya.



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