In 2019, Russia to break a new record in the production of oilseeds — Ministry of Agriculture




According to the preliminary estimations, the general harvest of oilseed crops in Russia will reach 20.6 mln tonnes, which will become the absolute record for the country, declared the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Jambulat Khatuov on October 11.

As for the preliminary results of the harvesting campaign of grains, J.Khatuov noted that the grain harvest volumes produced in 2019 will completely cover the domestic needs for food and feed purposes, as well as the needs of the deep processing industry.

To date, Russia managed to exceed the last year figures of grain processing, and the harvested volumes already reached the level of 116 mln tonnes. In terms of the favourable weather conditions, the general grain harvest will total nearly 120 mln tonnes, the First Deputy Minister said.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Agriculture forecasted that by 2024 Russia will increase the production of grains to 141 mln tonnes, and oilseeds — 29.3 mln tonnes.

The country has to impose new highly efficient technologies into the plant growing industry, to achieve the reporting indicators, J.Khatuov stressed.